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Eruditi: The CGCS Journal of Language Research and Education

Volume 1

Table of contents

Section 1: Original Research

Pages 1-16

Rie Oguma

Pages 17-35

Ksenia Golovina and Varvara Mukhina
Japanese Language Learning and Employment Opportunities for Foreign Residents: Russian-speaking Migrants in Japan

Section 2: Pedagogic-Methodological Practices

Pages 36-47

Chie Saneyoshi, Yukiko Mishina, Emiko Nozawa
Support Systems for Instructors and Teaching Assistants in the ALESS Program

Pages 48-60

Julien Agaësse
Emotional Dimensions in Learning: Emotions in the Foreign Language Class

Section 3: Guest Article

Pages 61-72

Olya Yazawa
Students’ Perception of Native English-Speaking Teachers and Japanese Teachers of English: The Effect on Students’ Self-Efficacy and Emotional State

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Introduction to the First Issue

We are pleased to release the inaugural issue of Eruditi: The CGCS Journal of Language Research and Education. Eruditi is conceived of as an annual peer-reviewed digital journal, established to promote the research and teaching activities within the Center for Global Communication Strategies (hereafter “CGCS”) in the College of Arts/Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo. CGCS is a research and educational organization under College of Arts and Sciences/Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo. The center is located on the Komaba Campus and includes faculty who teach in and manage several language programs, including ALESS (Active Learning of English for Science Students), ALESA (Active Learning of English for Students of the Arts), FLOW (Fluency-oriented Workshop), and TLP (Trilingual Program).

The journal serves to publicize both on- and off-campus research by current and former CGCS members in fields related to CGCS’s educational mission, and it also gives an opportunity for the lecturers to reflect on their work and share their pedagogical strategies and experiences with the teaching community. As such, Eruditi aims to further promote the development and enhancement of the CGCS programs in particular and foreign language education in Japan in general.

The inaugural issue of Eruditi consists of four in-house and one guest paper. We take this opportunity to thank Tom Gally, Alexandra Terashima, Krishan Kumar, and Yuki Furukawa for kindly collaborating with the editorial team to bring this issue to fruition. We also extend our gratitude to all the authors for their enthusiasm and trust.

Ksenia Golovina (TLP)
Ingrid Kaufmann (TLP)

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The guidelines for submitting papers to Eruditi are here (revised October 2017).

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